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“Ten years ago, I saw you thrown into a car. Kidnapped right in front of me. Did that not happen? Did I just dream all of that? ”

(Three of a Kind)

Greetings fellow X-Phile, you have reached my site, Patient X's X-Files Reviews--welcome....

11/08/04: Greetings all! I just updated the survey results, and added a review for season six. Also, I added a few things to the survey, so if you have a moment go ahead and fill in responses to the new questions (or all of them if you've never taken the survey), and if you want to vote for Melissa Scully, Samantha Mulder, Queequag, Emily, Morris Fletcher, Knowle Rohr, Duane Barry, Jeremiah Smith, Robert Modell, Susanne Modeski, and/or AD Kersh as a favorite character, you can now.

8/13/04: Here I am! I was looking over season three and its really quite pathetic that it only had two episode reviews. So, in that spirit, I added reviews for The Blessing Way and Paperclip. Also, I did a review of season seven, and I updated the survey results.

6/19/04: Wow, I last updated *exactly* three months ago, it must be some sort of lazy fate. Anyway, I added a few things, a few more than last update in fact. The 'Quick Summary' for season two is finally finished (to be honest it was finished some time ago, I just didn't put the link up til now). I did some season reviews for seasons eight and nine and I hope to eventually write one for every season. Also I updated the links page, and I'm rather ashamed that I haven't bothered to do that since around the time the show ended, on that note about half of the links sadly did not work anymore and I had to do some internet searches to replace some of them (one of my favorite sites is completely gone now, which makes me sort of sad), I'm rather surprised to see that this site is up rather far in search results, especially as its rather inactive.

3/19/04: Survey results were updated again, there were two new adoptions, and I added a link to my fifteen favorite moments of the X-Files (which I wrote quite some time ago, and have no clue why there wasn't a link there already). (I've also been trying to fix some of the lingering 'issues' with many of the pages, but its only little things, nothing really specific or terribly interesting).

1/29/04: I finally got around to updating a few things...
The survey results page has been updated & I changed a few things around on the about me page.

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